The aim of this partnership project is to strengthen the cooperation of our university with universities in the United States, including the Republic of Kazakhstan with the United States, through the introduction of Business English courses and Legal Writing and the training of teachers. The project will be managed by the International Center of Zhansugurov University within the cooperation with Law faculty and the department of foreign languages.

This project will focus on increasing Zhansugurov University’s capacities for teaching negotiation and writing in English at its Law Department and Department of Foreign Languages. Each course’s multimedia materials and teacher’s manuals will be published electronically and will be available to other Russian-speaking universities as appropriate. Negotiating skills can help develop good governance guided by the rule of law, a rule-based market economy and civil society. Moreover, negotiation skills, especially listening skills, foster U.S. and Kazakh citizens collaborating and otherwise connecting. This project’s negotiation course will teach principles and skills that can be used equally by persons in the public and private sectors.

This project will be designed to operate during the 2019-2020 Kazakh academic year. Development of the multimedia course materials, however, will begin during the summer of 2019. This will give the partner university the ability to introduce the courses to the Zhansugurov University faculty early in the 2019-2020 academic year, so they can help tailor the courses to their students’ needs.