Fergana State University is considered to be the leading educational establishment of Uzbekistan. Having an enormous material base, it has been playing vital role to bring many honored scholars to Uzbekistan’s science world, training high qualified specialists for various spheres of national economy and education system, research activities in fundamental areas of science is has being conducted in it for 90 years.

The history of the University’s foundation is connected with the period of restoration of national economy in the last century’s 30s, development of educational system, training qualified specialists for various branches, first of all, for national education. At this time, Fergana Pedagogical Institution was founded based on the decision dated May 1, 1930, which was made by the Council of National Commissioners. The opening of the institution in Fergana Valley had very important meaning not only for the development of education, it opened opportunities for scientific and cultural flourishing. Based on the decree of Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated Macrh 1, 1991, Ferghana Pedagogical Institution received a status of Ferghana State University. Since this time, the institution went through many large-scale structural changes.

The administration of University paid special attention to further improvement in professional and teaching staff and it was positively reflected in the growing number of specialists with Academic Degrees, including Doctor’s, Candidate’s, Associate Professor and professor Degrees.

At present Fergana State University is one of the top and prestigious universities in Uzbekistan. The geography of student studying at the university is very broad, as can be seen from the big number of students studying from the capital city and other regions of the country. Besides lots of foreign students from CIS countries are studying at the university.

The university has 45 undergraduate, 24 masters, 11 extramural and 26 Ph.D. programs. The total number of academic staff working at the university is more than 600, including 28 doctors of sciences (DSC), 141 professors and PhDs. Fergana State University has 12 faculties and 40 relevant departments. The number of students nearly 19000, including 14500 at bachelor, 390 at masters, 4017 at extramural programs and 77 at doctoral studies.

As the government of Uzbekistan pursues a policy of further development of the education system in the republic recent years, a significant reform is currently ongoing in the higher education system. Special attention is given to study teaching system of prestigious higher education institutes of developed countries by establishing cooperation with them. Therefore we are eager to expand our cooperation horizons among them, at present we have cooperation agreements with more than 60 higher education institutes from Germany, USA, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Russia, Lithuania, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Vietnam and CIS countries. Besides Fergana State university carries out active collaboration with funds and foreign organizations in education sphere such as European Commission Erasmus+, Central Asia University Partnerships Program (UniCEN), Robert Germany Scholarship Fund and Korean KOICA.

Within the framework of established agreements with worldwide universities and organizations, Fergana State university managed to:

  • develop 2 joint education programs (double diploma)
  • carry out 3 projects within Erasmus+
  • send professors-teachers of the university to Germany, Russia, Turkey, China, South Korea, Vietnam universities to deliver lectures in 2019
  • attract foreign professors and experts to deliver lectures and master classes
  • send students to the exchange programs in Germany, Slovakia, Korea, USA and Russia; to language practice courses and trainings to Germany and Slovakia within Erasmus+.
  • organize 4 volunteer language teaching programs by inviting specialists from USA, Germany, China and South Korea in 2019

Fergana State University always welcomes foreign students and tries to create best conditions for them. University has hotel for international students, theatre, stadiums, gym, pool, various types of sport activities and Youth organization and volunteer students who is responsible for the effectively adaptation for newly welcomed foreign students. We hosted 2 exchange students from Germany in 2019. For last 2 years we are hosting Kyrgyz students through exchange program.

Address: 19 Murabbiylar  str., Fergana, 150100,  Uzbekistan
Tel: +998 73 244-44-02
Fax : +998 73 244-44-93
Website: www.fdu.uz
e-mail: fdu_rektor@edu.uz

Contact person: Nishonov Jahongir, fsu.internationaldepartment@gmail.com, Head of the International Relations Department