The main goal of the partnership is development of sustainable dual-degree programs in the following areas:

  • Agricultural Business/Economics,
  • Plant & Soil Sciences and
  • Agriculture (e.g., Biotechnology, Agricultural Economics).

We also seek to enhance faculty and student opportunities in the areas of training and research.

We are interested in faculty and student exchanges; development of dual graduate degrees in Biotechnology and Agricultural Economics; course material development and exchange; building capacity for international mobility in Agriculture between TSAU and partner universities; building capacity to enhance global learning in relation to Agriculture.

We would like to create the opportunity to enroll qualified TSAU students at US Universities and expand the TSAU graduate degree programs. This also provides TSAU an opportunity to advertise this dual degree program to attract high quality students, build English skills internally (as the partnership would also include faculty webinars, exchanges, and curriculum development), and then utilize the partnership to train high quality workers and future academics. This partnership is expected to build the capacity of TSAU and grow our international research and partnership portfolio and establishment of study abroad programs. We expect two to four faculty members of each institution will visit the other institution for guest lecturing, teaching and research collaboration; shared course syllabi in the designated fields of study (10 courses and six credit hours for the thesis – per targeted academic discipline); two to four students from each side to enroll in the dual M.S. degree programs in the 2020-2021 academic year; two to four students from TSAU will enroll in other disciplines of Agriculture at the M.S. level in academic year 2020-2021.