This webinar focuses on understanding about syllabus and its importance for both learning and teaching in the higher education. It also gears toward explaining what students’ learning outcomes are in higher education. Participants will learn about what syllabi are, how syllabi are constructed at undergraduate and graduate levels, and the essential components of syllabi (e.g., learning goals, attendance policy, resources for students, student assessment and grading scale, course policies, and university policies). In addition, webinar participants will learn about complementary resources on a syllabus design and will be provided samples of syllabus templates and outlines of the syllabi containing the major aspects of a syllabus.

Dr. Dilnoza Khasilova is a recent Ph.D. in Literacy Studies, Curriculum and Instruction Department and graduate research assistant in the Literacy Research Clinic Center within the College of Education at the University of Wyoming. Dr. Khasilova is also an English Language Specialist at the English Language Center and Curriculum Coordinator of the World Languages and Cultures Program at the University of Wyoming. Dilnoza serves as a President of the Central Asian Student Association in Wyoming. Dilnoza has taught undergraduate level courses at the University of Wyoming and Family Literacy and Adult Basic Education courses at the Laramie County Community College. She has been serving as a reviewer and chair of the sessions at the American Education Research Association (AERA), Literacy Research Association (LRA), and Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA). Her research focuses on adult literacy, life-long learning, ways of learning, ESL, and world languages and cultures.