We are eager to cooperate with US Universities as:

1. The Ministry of Education and Science allocates funding for student mobility program to the USA
2. There is a big interest from both students and staff to exchange experience with US partners in academic programs content, research, teaching methodology, etc.
3. IITU is developing internationalization strategy and has existing collaboration with Europe and Asia. We need American experience to improve our programs and research and to strengthen IITU image abroad.

The priorities are joint research, student and staff mobility and certificate programs. The activities will include student and staff mobility discussion and organization, joint research discussion and certificate planning and design. In case of successful implementation, in short term students and staff can start exchanges, joint research project will be carried out. In the long term – certificate program for IITU students and faculty. IITU can offer local transportation and meals in IITU canteen. It can also offer student and staff with a good command of the English language, academic programs in English and ideas for research and startups. We will share the results of activities in social media, by conducting seminars and conferences and by publications of project results. We are able to start next year from January 2020. We believe the acquaintance trips will be necessary from both sides (one trip from each side 5 days long) to see the facilities, meet the staff and discuss the cooperation details face to face. We think the project can be ongoing for many years, but the mobility can be prepared in 3 months, research and certificate program will take at least one year.