We offer US partner institution to send their students and teachers to Fergana, the place with beautiful scenery, to get in touch Uzbek culture and lifestyle. We have camps in our institution for accommodation to analyze and do learn National Identity of Central Asian geography, lifestyle, history, literature which are worth to learn with real experiences. Our educational Institution expects ten American students come to Fergana for summer camp and we provide them with free accommodation. Teachers and students of the department will have joint travelling around Fergana valley to explore the life, geography, history of the region and people.

By creating summer camp for American Educational Institution, there will be an opportunity to show Uzbek history, literature, language in order to American Students and teachers. According to the results successes of summer camp there may be more summer camps in future for American teachers and students. Sending Uzbek EFL teachers to US partner institution gives fruitful result in teaching English, because of the fact, they see American methods of teaching in American Institutions and this leads to see pros and cons of the methods of teaching English in Uzbekistan. Teachers with such experience will have opportunity to spread American education in Fergana State University. We are planning to send three teachers of Fergana State University to American Educational Institutions for two weeks.