Andijan Machine-Building Institute (AndMI)

Contact person: Zafar Juraev,

The partnership project aims at development and implementation of a program of certified training of specialists at the Andijan Machine-Building Institute on the basis of integrated cooperation with US HEI partners. The main objectives are strengthening and further development of international cooperation with universities in the United States, improving the training of specialists on the basis of close integration with industry, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of research activities of the teaching staff, involving talented students in scientific and practical activities, further improving the educational process and improving quality training specialists for machine building, instrument making and energy the industries based on the creative use of international experience and advanced information and communication technologies of international research centers and HEIs of the United States. Also, another one objective of the project is to find a solution to the above problems, the technical direction of the row with the production of integrated higher education through the introduction of new training schemes and ensure the effectiveness of the production. AndMI is working with dozens of local industry and administrative authorities in the region to ensure the sustainability of project results. In addition, this area serves as a model for implementing project results as one of the most industrialized regions of Uzbekistan and in other regions.

The program is aimed at specialists with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. The main feature of this program is that within one year, in the priority areas and on the basis of the needs of manufacturing enterprises, the training of specialist engineers (certified engineer) is carried out. The first semester of study (30 credits) the student will study on the basis of the Andijan Machine-Building Institute, the second semester will be divided into three parts: the first part will be training from a partner university from the United States using distance learning methods (12 credits), the second part – industrial practice (12 credits) on the basis of an industrial enterprise and the final part is the performance and defense of a thesis (6 credits). After completing the course, the graduate receives a master’s degree from the Andijan Machine-Building Institute and a certificate- diploma of specialization from a US partner university.

The high reliability of the implementation of the international educational program on the basis of the Andijan Machine-Building Institute is explained by the fact that it meets the interests of all the parties involved:

• for enterprises, it is an opportunity to prepare personnel for themselves “exactly under the order” of any qualification, ensuring their maximum compliance with all their requirements, saving on the costs of finding and selecting employees, retraining and adapting them. In addition, it is possible to select the best students;
• for the institute – additional material opportunities to improve the quality of the educational process, strengthen the scientific potential, improve the qualifications and retraining of faculty members and significantly improve the financial situation of the institute, as well as an excellent chance for the employment of graduates of the institute;
• The state, which effectively solves the problem of training qualified personnel for its economy, remains an absolute gain.