Virtual Conference: International Education after COVID-19

    Today, people all over the world are experiencing the unprecedented breakout of COVID-19, which is challenging every aspect of our lives and reshaping the future of higher education. Around the world, higher education institutions have implemented response plans, delivered education online, and cancelled summer international academic mobility programs. Despite the enormous challenges, there remains significant potential to cultivate U.S. and Central Asian partnerships from a distance in the areas of scientific collaboration, educational curriculum, and capacity building for internationalization. American Councils for International Education in collaboration with the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino invited academic and administrative staff of Central Asian higher education institutions to:
    • Gather best practices of international education practitioners across Central Asia in their responses to COVID-19;
    • Share approaches and solutions across Central Asian universities to create a vision for international education after COVID-19;
    • Provide a networking opportunity for administrators and faculty in international higher education.