The Master of Arts in Educational Technology Program at Michigan State University is honored to support the amazing work that educators are doing around the world as they transition to a range of remote teaching contexts. Our Mini-MOOC on Remote Teaching focuses on high-priority, digestible topics with the intent of applying them to practice tomorrow. Because educators are teaching across a range of remote teaching contexts, we include no-tech, low-tech, and high-tech strategies throughout the experience.

  • Unit 1: Norms, foundations, trauma-informed teaching
  • Unit 2: Teacher and student well-being, creating routines
  • Unit 3: Basic accessibility practices for text and media
  • Unit 4: Fair use, copyright, and Creative Commons
  • Unit 5: Communication, presence, and community-building
  • Unit 6: Learning experience design structures
  • Unit 7: Engagement and Universal Design for Learning
  • Unit 8: Assessment, feedback, and evaluation

The Mini-MOOC is a self-paced learning experience. Join this global, dynamic community to explore, create, and share today!