The objectives of our partnership project:

  • Development of new curricula and improvement of STEM disciplines at the university;
  • Definition of a new framework of STEM disciplines in accordance with national standards in two universities;
  • Improving professional skills according to international standards;
  • Professional development of teachers;
  • Professionalization of undergraduates and qualification of university students;
  • Updated program for American information and resource center;
  • Support international academic mobility.

The American Information Resource Center at OshTU provides short-term courses of study and improvement of the English language, as well as programs for the dissemination of knowledge about the culture of America through various educational and cultural programs. In the future, it is necessary that this center also become a center for the development of English-language technical education, in particular STEM disciplines (IT, Engineering, Mechanics, Architecture, Energy), which can contribute to the development of higher technical education. It is necessary to have partners from American universities which are interested in helping to implement this international educational project in the field of higher technical education.

We would like to design and approve a new curricular in partnership with US university professors; publish new materials with the innovative content; partnership agreement between Language Training and International Relations Institute; involve STEM teaching Fulbright ETA; academic exchange of 10 American and Kyrgyz university staff members in the framework of the project – Further online exchanges between universities of the two countries through American center at OshTU. Within the project we think about International Forum: “Teaching STEM disciplines at the university and ways of global resource conservation” (01/2020), Conference 1: “The role of STEM disciplines and solving global problems” – 10/2020, Conference 2: “Perspectives of higher education and STEM disciplines” – 09/2021 and Symposium: “STEM in Higher Education and Global Security”.