An international partnership with foreign universities would give a stronger direction for the development of our university. Types of cooperation:

  1. Improvement of curricula according to international components and requirements.
  2. Academic exchange of students and teachers: student and teacher mobility, advanced training, summer schools.
  3. Organization of courses (English courses, Technical English course, transition of training basic courses in English), master classes.
  4. Creation of an American center or class.
  5. Innovative development and competitiveness.

The priority areas for cooperation: Computer Science, Information Security, Artificial intelligence, Telemedicine, Health informatics, Water resources, Ecology, Hydro building, Energy, Food safety, Techno Sphere Safety, Climate Change, Emergency.

To start the implementation of the partnership, we specifically offer to implement the project in next directions:

  1. Organization of a summer school for students from America (there is already experience in conducting) from 2 weeks to 1 month with the number of participants from 20 to 35 people. 
  2. Organization of a winter school for students from America (already have experience in DAAD) for 15 days with the number of participants from 20 to 35 people.
  3. Organization of English language courses for administration and teachers of KSTU: – courses using technical and special terminology with the number of participants up to 15-20 people and the duration from 6 to 10 months.
  4. Academic mobility:
    – 1-3 months for KSTU staffs at US universities
    – 6-10 months for students of KSTU in a US university
    – It is also possible the mobility of students and teachers from America at KSTU with a degree in Software, for which since 2009 there has been training for specialists with the English language of instruction. The components were coordinated with the Technical University of Dresden in the framework of the joint Tempus project.