Starting from the next academic year 2019-2020, English language department at M.Narikbayev KAZGUU University is launching a new degree program “Applied Linguistics”. As part of this program, English language department is planning to introduce a course on American Studies. Establishing a long-lasting partnership with a U.S. higher education institution at this time is crucial as it will ensure high quality of the course “American Studies” by getting assistance from U.S. professionals in curriculum design to sustain the true nature of this discipline.

The main priorities of this project are

  1. to increase the quality of education by sharing the best practices,
  2. to boost research potential by exchanging international experience and publishing articles in collaboration;
  3. to exchange cultural beliefs and traditions based on the principles of respect and tolerance.   

We are ready to provide highly-qualified English language instructors who are eager to learn from their American counter-parts and are motivated to develop professionally. English language department faculty are also interested in publishing collaborative research papers on American Studies since there is no such course in Kazakhstani universities at the moment which offers a great scope of topics to explore. Lastly, there is no doubt that our students will benefit from this course as American culture is quite popular among Kazakhstani young people and the course “American Studies” will enable students to learn more about the USA from academic and cultural perspectives. Additionally, the course will enable Kazakhstani students to develop their language skills as well as research skills. From American side, we need highly-qualified specialists in American Studies who can share their experience and expertise with their Kazakhstani colleagues by assisting in the curriculum design, conducting professional development trainings, participating in collaborative research, and organizing extra-curricular activities for students.

We need highly-qualified professionals in American Studies and Curriculum and Material Design who will assist English language department in creating the course program. First trip will be organized in November: foreign experts will arrive to M.Narikbayev KAZGUU University to hold the meeting with English language department staff to negotiate the details of the course “American Studies”. In the meantime, Kazakhstani faculty will continue working on the outline of the program by keeping in touch with their American colleagues who will provide assistance and guidance in academic questions. In January, we need the same specialists for one week to work together with Kazakhstani staff on a more detailed plan of the program focusing on exact focus and outcomes. At the end of March two language instructors of English language department together with three students will come to American university to observe how American Studies are conducted in real setting. Language instructors will have a great chance to know more about new methodology and techniques, while students will be able to immerse into American culture and communicate with their peers. They can also make a presentation to introduce Americans to Kazakh culture. Upon completion of the program, at the end of May it is possible to organize a small-scale conference or round-table inviting foreign experts and students to Nur-Sultan, where M.Narikbayev KAZGUU University will share their experience of introducing a new course of American Studies in partnership with American university. Finally, English language instructors together with their American colleagues can choose a topic of interest related to American Studies, write a research paper and make a publication. In addition, this conference will raise awareness about American culture, lifestyle, politics and society. From our side we can provide our American colleagues with accommodation in dormitory, and meal in our canteen.

The main goal of the project is improvement of Central Asian Hospitality Industry by establishing 2+2 program in “Hotel and Restaurant Management” (HRM) between the Higher School of Economics of M.Narikbayev KAZGUU University and US University. Our objectives are execution of dual degree programs, extending international cooperation, professional experience exchange and bringing best US Hospitality experience to Central Asia. Our priorities: high quality education to all students; International Research platform based in Kazakh University (The Higher School of Economics of M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University) – International Research on Central Asian Hospitality Industry based in US partner Institution.

The Higher School of Economics of M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University can offer a platform for research and work to the US partner institution. Moreover, host university can arrange meetings and participation in local projects and conferences with local stakeholders. The Higher School of Economics of M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University will have certain advantages from the project, precisely as follows: cooperation towards improvement of internationalization of both institutions – Faculty and student exchange; common research projects; establishment of US – Kazakhstan partnership.  Moreover, sending out students for 1 or 2 academic years to US partner Institution and organization of dual side conferences and research projects within the given Program will be to the best of interests of local institution’s internationalization.

The following elements will be prioritized during the result evaluation:

  • Academic performance of the exchange students
  • Experience exchange between faculties

Mutual Research projects’ success on local and global scales
– Direct and indirect impact on local hospitality industry
– US based research center on Central Asian Hospitality industry
– US Hospitality Industry experience exchange based on local partner university
– Number of Dual Degree diploma holders by the time of completion of the project.