Urgench State University visited ecotourism destinations to collect video materials to enrich the launch of the first massive online open course (MOOC) focusing on tourism in Uzbekistan. Video materials about ecotourism destinations in Uzbekistan provide open-source learning to promote Uzbekistan’s tourism potential: 

Akchakul lake 

Amudaryo river

Aral Sea shore

Aydarkul lake

Baday Tugai Nature Reserve

Charvak lake

Chatkal range

Jairan eco-center

Kitab state geological reserve

Majrum village

Nurata Nature Reserve

Nurata mountain range

Qalajiq lake

Sentab village

Ugam Chatkal National Park

Canyons of the Ustyurt Plateau

Zaamin National Park: https://youtu.be/ghYu4_HM0_U