American University and Ferghana State University

Ferghana Valley is most populous region of Uzbekistan, and environmental challenges are critical to the region’s future. Through the Central Asia University Partnerships Program (UniCEN), administered by American Councils for International Education and funded by the U.S. State Department through the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent, American University partnered with the Ferghana State University to develop teaching and learning methodologies in science with a focus on climate change and sustainable development.

American University professors identified several areas for curriculum development, in climate science and environmental health and risk assessment. Faculty and graduate students from Ferghana State, including top level university officials, collaborated to modernize areas of hydrology, human and ecosystem health, fertilizer use, and ecosystems.

In October 2021, Professor Michael Brody from American University visited Fergana State University and introduced teaching and learning methodologies for environmental science climate change and included meetings with senior administrators, faculty researchers, and students.