From September 20th until 23rd Dr. Haseeb Ahmed – the Dean of the Faculty of Management at Kettering University, Michigan, USA – visited Andijan Machine-Building Institute, Uzbekistan through the UniCEN Program sponsored by American Councils for International Education.
The purpose of his visit was to discuss the progress of the UniCEN grant project between Kettering University and Andijan Machine-Building Institute, as well as to analyze the results and work to further strengthen cooperation between the two universities.
While visiting, Dr. Ahmed met with institutional administrators, academic staff, and numerous other internal and external stakeholders. During these meetings, they discussed topics including:
• Plans for the development of education and training in innovation and entrepreneurship
• Development of an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem
• Their vision for how training in innovation and entrepreneurship will fit into the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem they seek to develop.
• Opportunities for conducting joint scholarly research and instructional support connections with Kettering faculty.
As a result of the visit, the two higher education institutions agreed to implement new projects and student exchanges as well as to pursue further strategic cooperation on scientific research endeavors.
Dr. Ahmed noted “The process of globalization causes the need for a new level of professional staff. At present, the solution to this problem is associated with the internationalization of education. I am glad to see, that the UniCEN projects help us in this way.”