The Create the Future Design Contest provides a global forum to share your ideas for new products and technologies that could generate jobs, improve public health & safety, protect the environment, and benefit society in other ways to get us through these challenging times.

You can win a top prize of $20,000.

The Primary Sponsors of the 2020 Create the Future Design Contest (the “Contest”) are COMSOL, Inc. and Mouser Electronics. Tech Briefs Media Group, an SAE International Company, is the contest producer and owner.


The Contest opens for entries on March 1, 2020 and closes July 1, 2020 (referred to herein as the Contest Live Period). Entries must be received by 11:59 pm EDT on July 1, 2020. For your entries to qualify for consideration, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the Official Entry Form and upload at least one image with your entry.
  • Choose one of seven categories for your entry:
    • Aerospace & Defense — Product innovations with applications in the aerospace, aviation, and/or defense markets.
    • Automotive/Transportation — Products that enable movement of people and goods from one place to another.
    • o Consumer Product Design — Products that increase quality of life in the workplace, at home, during leisure time, or while traveling.
    • Electronics/Sensors/IoT — Products that improve computing, communications, sensing, test, and other fields that rely on advances in electronic components, boards and systems; products that enable an interconnected world – the Internet of Things (IoT).
    • Manufacturing/Robotics/Automation — Products that speed, improve, and/or automate work, manufacturing, and research & development (R&D).
    • Medical — Products that improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare.
    • Sustainable Technologies/Future Energy — “Green” products that reduce dependence on non-renewable energy resources, as well as products designed for other purposes using environmentally friendly materials or manufacturing processes.
  • Provide a description of your entry (up to 500 words) in the form of a technical abstract, in English. Your description should cover how the entry works, what makes it novel, how it would be produced, and where it would be applied. Entries will be judged on these criteria:
    • Innovation (50% of score) — What makes the design novel? Does it represent an important advance over the current state of the art?
    • Manufacturability (25%) — How easy would it be to implement? Can it be cost-effectively manufactured/produced?
    • Marketability (25%) — Does the idea have practical applications? Is there a well-defined, significant market for its use?
  • Upload at least one (but no more than three) visual illustrations. File type options: PDF(single-page), GIF, JPEG, PNG. The visual illustration(s) should complement your entry description and can be drawings, photos, charts, or CAD images.

Deadline: July 1, 2020
For more information got to: