The State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Education has identified 9 universities that have effectively established online education.
The State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Education has studied the quality of distance education in universities in Uzbekistan.

According to the press secretary of the inspection, Shavkat Khuzhakulov, from the very beginning of the academic year, the quality of online education in universities is being checked.

“Due to the lack of skills in using the electronic platform among the teaching staff and students, incomplete placement of educational and methodological content on these platforms, lack of technology and conditions, and insufficient quality of the Internet, there were problems with student attendance,” – said the representative of the inspection on October 13 at a press conference at AIMK.

As noted, according to the results of the analysis of the quality of electronic resources in distance education:

38 universities have not established call centers and consulting services for students;
26 universities do not have a system for assessing the quality of classes by students;
19 universities lack instructions for using the distance learning platform.
It was reported that on the identified shortcomings, universities were given a strict warning, and approved “Road maps” of the work that needs to be done. Disadvantages will be eliminated gradually.

Shavkat Khuzhakulov also listed the universities in which distance education functions effectively:

International Islam Academy;
Tashkent Financial Institute;
Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers;
Tashkent University of Information Technologies;
Inha University in Tashkent city;
Turin Polytechnic University;
Samarkand State University;
University of World Economy and Diplomacy;
Bukhara State Medical Institute.
The rest of the universities are recommended to study the experience of the above universities.

“However, it should be emphasized that there are a number of tasks that universities need to carry out to organize high-quality distance education. In particular, given the importance of direct practical training in many specialties, based on the epidemiological situation, with a gradual transition to traditional education, these shortcomings will also be eliminated “- says the press secretary of the state inspection of education quality control.

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