US Faculty Handbook Sample

The Faculty Handbook is a guide designed to present general information about Florida International University, represents a broad array of information, including policies that principally affect Faculty and policies that may be of interest to Faculty but that apply broadly throughout the University community. The Handbook is maintained by the Office of the Provost and is updated in consultation with the relevant units including but not limited to Academic Affairs, Faculty Senate, and Student Affairs.

The Handbook is not all-encompassing of all policies that may affect a Faculty member and their work. In addition, units have their own policies and procedures, such as bylaws, policies and procedures for items such as unit promotion criteria and assignment procedures, which may supplement the information in the Handbook, Collective Bargaining Agreement, and other University-wide policies and procedures.

For changes to the Handbook, please contact the Office of Faculty and Global Affairs at ofga@fiu.edu. All policies or procedures which are referenced in the Handbook are the prevailing documents.

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