Termez State University

Termez State University is situated in the City of Termez, in the far south of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The administrative center of the southern region Surkhandarya of the Republic – ancient Termez City with 2500 year history has been considered one of the cradles of civilization acknowledged by the world since ancient times.
Today one of the biggest universities of the Republic – Termez State University was reorganized on February 28, 1992 by the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of Termez State Pedagogical Institute has been functioning since 1954.
In 1956-1957 Termez teacher’s institute was transformed into Termez State Pedagogical Institute. With the establishment of the Termez State Pedagogical Institute, the first university was founded in Surkhandarya region.
University hosts several international and national conferences annually. The campus and meeting halls satisfy all needs of international standards.
There are more than 630 highly qualified teaching staff educating students at University and also 31 doctorate students, 360 master’s students and about 13,500 undergraduate students. The classes are conducted in Uzbek, Russian, English, German and Tajik languages.
The university is considered to be prestigious among national universities in Uzbekistan. For information 13 students finished the Republican contest on subjects successfully and got awarding places.
In cooperation with British, Council university hosts IELTS examinations which creates convenience for both parties. Additionally, in order to improve Korean language learning, the university has involved two KOICA specialists from the new academic year, 2019/2020.
University professors are giving lectures in Russia, Czech Republic, China, Tajikistan, and other neighboring countries as well as attracts foreign specialists and professors from Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Tajikistan, and etc.
Moreover, students are participating in different summer schools and internships in Germany, Japan, and Russia, and also attended international conferences with their scientific articles, several international youth festivals. Students from the Faculty of Physical culture are making great progress in the field of sport participating in international competitions. Thus, the university is in the first place for sports achievements among republican universities.
Termez State University established scientific-practical relations with a number of prestigious universities in Europe and Asia. For instance, Munich, Bonn, Giessen and Munster Universities (Germany), Charles University (Czech Republic), Ruzomberok Catholic University (Slovakia), Pisa and University University of L’Aquila (Italy), Soka and Rissho Universities (Japan), Northwest University (China), Lyon University (France), Moscow State Pedagogical University, Sochi, Moscow and Vladimir State Universities, Ethnology Institute of Academy of Science (Russia), Keimyung University (South Korea), Delhi University (India), Kazakh National Agrarian University (Kazakhstan), Kyrgyz National Agrarian University (Kyrgyzstan), Balkh State University and Turkestan Institute of Higher Education (Afghanistan) and others.
The University participated, since 2012, on two Tempus projects (TuCAHEA, SAMUz) and obtained good experience on Tempus projects and on working international projects. For further information on Tempus projects refer to websites www.samuz.uz and www.tucahea.org. Currently, two Erasmus+ projects are successfully conducted: PAWER (Paving the way to interregional mobility and ensuring relevance, quality, and equity of access) and INTRAS (“Intelligent Transport Systems: New ICT – based Master’s Curricula for Uzbekistan”).

Website: www.tersu.uz
E-mail: termizdu@umail.uz
Address: 43 Barkamol Avlod Street, Termez, Surkhandarya Region, 190111 Uzbekistan

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