Tashkent State Pedagogical University (TSPU)

TSPU partnership project aims at strengthening scientific cooperation between TSPU and US research centers, internationalizing education at TSPU, introducing the experience of US universities.

TSPU offers scientific and educational collaboration with American universities in the following areas:

In particular, it is proposed to invite 1 professor from the US university to give lectures, conduct seminars and send 1 teacher to partner universities in the United States. It is also supposed to send professors to a scientific conference of teachers of the United States and Uzbekistan, which is planned to be held in the United States.

TSPU currently has partnerships with the United States under the Fulbright program and hosts Fulbright scholars. The university has close cooperation with US organizations in the areas of pedagogy and psychology, such as Hubert Humpy and the American Psychological Association.

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