Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME)

The Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME) is a first-class regionally recognized academic and research institute known for its top programs in engineering (irrigation, water resources, environment, electrification & automation, agricultural mechanization, land management and agricultural economics / management & marketing).

Since 1923, TIIAME has prepared over 52,000 specialists for water and agricultural industries, academics, researchers, and leaders of government agencies. Its reputation echoes throughout the world with about 3000 alumni from 38 countries. TIIAME faculty, who are recognized for their high level research, develops new water conservation, irrigation and wastewater technologies. It collaborates with internationally-renowned academic and research institutions through educational and research projects. For instance, the institute has successfully implemented projects with European Commission (e.g. Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, and TEMPUS), USAID, BMBF, etc. Regular international conferences and summer schools are held at TIIAME. The institute offers many courses including sustainable management of water resources, application of GIS and Remote Sensing, and agricultural soil management in English.

TIIAME has now 7 faculties (Hydromelioration, Hydrothechnical construction, Agricultural mechanization, Mechanization of hydromeliorative works, Energy supply of agriculture and water resources, Land management resources, Organization and management of water resources) which includes 36 Departments.

Following degree programs are offered, such as 22 Bachelor of Science programs, 23 Master of Science programs and 11 PhD programs. The student communities include more than 6500 undergraduate students, over 209 master students and 46 international students.

The Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME) is one of the oldest (85 years since its founding), leading and promising higher education institutions in Central Asia and Uzbekistan, which provides training of highly qualified and in – demand engineering and technical personnel in the field of agriculture and water management, capable of effectively solving strategic tasks for the introduction and wide use in the agricultural sector of modern agricultural and meliorative machinery, machinery and mechanisms, innovative water-saving irrigation technologies, energy and resource-saving techniques and technologies, taking into account adaptation to anthropogenic climate change.

The educational process in TIIAME is conducted taking into account the wide introduction of modern pedagogical and information and communication technologies, advanced international experience and strategic tasks of development and modernization of agricultural production, including integrated water resources management, remote sensing data of the Ecological GeoInformation System, etc. We invite you to study in TIIAME and contribute to the development of new innovative technologies for the creation of machines and mechanisms for agriculture and water management and the service of the great power of nature – water.

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