Samarkand State University

Samarkand State University is one of the major universities of Uzbekistan and was formed in 1927. Currently, there are more than 13000 students, 39 bachelor and 40 specialized master degree programs, 63 departments at 14 faculties. As of staff, the university has about 850 professor-teachers, including 4 academicians of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, 81 doctors of science and 311 candidates of science. There are more than 47 graduate programs for PhD and Doctor of Sciences (DсS) level students and scientific councils for 9 specializations. The university has the library, 3 academic lyceums, 5 museums, 14 research labs, one green house and 2 unique labs. The library has over 3 million books including more than 15,000 rare books and Oriental manuscripts.

The university is located in the heart of Samarkand, namely University Boulevard and has 16 educational buildings, 3 sport halls and 5 dormitories. The printing house periodically publishes “Samarkand State University Scientific Bulletin” and “Samarkand University” newspaper.

Up to now, 19 university students have been awarded with “President” stipend, 98 students received state stipends and 9 students have been awarded with “Zulfiya” State Prize. 7 students were world champions, 57 students were champions of Asia, and more than 170 students were champions of Uzbekistan, more than 300 students became university sport games champions and winners. One of professors of the university was awarded with the title “Buyuk hizmatlari uchun”, 3 were “El-yurt hurmati (Honour of people)” 3 of them were awarded with the order “Mehnat Shuhrati”, 2 were awarded with “Shukhrat” Medal, 2 of them were “Honored Worker of Uzbekistan” and 5 were awarded “Honored Trainer of Youth in Uzbekistan”.

As of recent developments, in 2019, together with foreign educational institutions, a new Faculty of International Educational Programs was opened at the University. The faculty has joint educational programs in partnership with leading universities of s China, South Korea, Israel, Russia, Germany and the USA. Specialists are trained in 6 undergraduate and 4 graduate programs, together with the following foreign universities: Sian Jiaotong University and Shansi University (China), Suncheonghiang University (South Korea), Holon Institute of Technology (Israel), Moscow State Technological University Stankin (Russia), Kiel University (Germany) and Utah State University (USA). In the period of 2019-2020 academic year, 171 students were admitted to the faculty. Of these, 149 are undergraduate and 22 are graduate students. To date, the faculty has 6 foreign experts on an ongoing basis of teaching. Including two specialists from Shansi University (China), one professor from the University of Delhi (India), two specialists from South Korea and one specialist from Russia.

Samarkand State University in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been selected as a grant holder of the UniCEN program with the project title of “Co-Development and Cross-Pollination of Effective, Hands-On Nuclear Physics Educational Activities”.

Contact: Akmal Safarov, akmaljon1985@yahoo.com;
Web: http://samdu.uz/en/

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