IWF Leadership Foundation’s Fellows Program

The program accelerates the career of women with better results through leadership training at the global level and communication with the world’s leading women leaders – members of the International Women’s Forum (IWF). The approach is holistic and focused on the personal and professional development of the participant, career and trajectory.

The program collects about 35 fellows from around the world for 20 days, consisting of three separate sessions. The program is implemented in partnership with Harvard Business School and INSEAD. The Fellowship Program offers creative, multidisciplinary training aimed at developing leadership and strategic management skills.


Have the desire to move up the career ladder
Have professional work experience and achievements.
Have strength of character, motivation and commitment to goals.
Have excellent intellectual abilities, as evidenced by academic history and certificates, and recommendations.
Be able to contribute and benefit from the program.
Have the intention to fully participate in all activities and training sessions related to the program, as well as participate in the Heritage project.
Deadline: June 1, 2020
For more information go to: https://iwforum.secure-platform.com/

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