Central Asia Genomics Symposium

The first Central Asia Genomics Symposium will be held in hybrid format at the National University of Uzbekistan on December 9-10, 2021 in Tashkent.

About this event

The symposium intends to be a hub for genomics-related research in Central Asia, where participants can learn, network and engage to empower new research using genomic tools in the region.

The focus of this symposium is the use of genomic and bioinformatic tools in research on different disciplines, ranging from human disease, microbiology, ecology, plant genetics, diagnostics, among others. The breath of disciplines and research approaches that will be presented accross sessions, aims to spark new ideas to develop in other fields, by learning from other research programs and from the networking instances. We will strive to keep attendees connected after the event, to keep them posted about funding, new opportunities and to continue interacting in a private forum. This empowers and supports a stronger network in Central Asia to use cutting edge techniques to increase the impact of the research in the region.

This event is part of a UniCEN (Central Asia University Partnership Program) project for the partnership between the University of California-Davis, USA and National University of Uzbekistan. The award was granted by the American Councils for International Education, with support from the United States of America State Department and the US embassy in Tashkent.

For more information, please visit: https://www.centralasiagenomics.com/

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