Call for Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation

The United States Embassy in Uzbekistan announces the competition for the 2022 Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP)

The deadline for submitting proposals is November 25, 2021

The Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation provides grants to preserve historic sites, artifacts, manuscripts and museum collections, as well as traditional forms of expression, such as music, dance, and language. The Ambassador’s Fund has already provided nearly $500,000 to support thirteen preservation projects in Uzbekistan.

Cultural Preservation awards are based on the importance of the site, object or traditional form of expression to be preserved as well as the urgency of its preservation need. Government agencies, cultural organizations, educational institutions, NGOs, and museums can submit proposals.  For further information, please visit http://exchanges.state.gov/heritage/afcp.html.

AFCP supports projects to preserve cultural heritage in the following three areas:

Proposals for projects that meet one or more of the following criteria will receive consideration:

Questions regarding the application process can be addressed to Tashkent-program@state.gov (marked as “AFCP question” in the subject line).

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