Avloni Retraining and In-Service Institute of Managers and Specialists of the Public Education system

The partnership project aims at strengthening and widening of implementation Distance Learning (DL) methodology in the country for enhancing professional competence of school managers and teachers. The project develops and supports innovative in-service and retraining DL programs for improvement quality of education and personnel development.

The priorities of project planned are:

1) the improvement of the content of in-service and retraining program on implementing DL as part of new curriculum of professional development;

2) conducting in-service and retraining on implementing DL as part of new curriculum of professional development;  nationwide implementation of DL into Retraining and In-Service training system of Uzbekistan.

Description of activities:

I. Study tour. To develop the comprehensive 15-day workshop program together American partners on studying experience in the field of improving the content of distance learning courses in different subject areas. To visit US collaborate educational institution 15-day for a core-6 project implementation group on improving DL content and new curricula.

II. Training for course creators on developing DL course content in different subjects basing on the curricula. To develop and conduct 5-day training modules on implementing DL as part of Professional Development curricula for 20 course creators and teachers.

III. Training on implementing DL as part of Retraining curriculum. To develop and conduct 3-day training modules on implementing DL as part of new Retraining course curricula.

IV. Reporting. Progress reports after completion of training sessions. Preparation of Final Report.

Expected outcomes:

The inputs to support activities from Institute include office space and equipment for evaluators’ and facilitators’ training, materials preparation, data collection and analysis, technical assistance and office time of experts for developed evaluation means and materials and support stuff.

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