Ala-Too International University (IAU)

This project is aimed at strengthening the research capacities of social science professors to contribute to the transition to the Doctoral cycle of the Bologna system and the gradual shift to 2d and 3d generation education, research and industry-oriented universities.

Established research networks, social science research center with web page, designed applied research capacity strengthening course, trained professors, long -term research capacity strengthening development strategies will strengthen research capacity of the IAU:

At the preparation component our US partner universities will develop needs analysis survey to measure the level of university professors research capacity. At the first phase US partner universities will develop research capacity course materials (course book with presentations, audio and video materials, training manual, workbook and capacity measurement indicators). US partner university conducts research capacity strengthening trainings in Bishkek. AIU professor’s practice gained knowledge through writing policy papers and peer reviews which they send to US partner universities professors for final review. The last module will be organized as the conference where trained professors will present policy papers and gained skills will be measured on the basis of measurement indicators annexed to the course. US partner university professors will edit research papers and send AIU managers for design and publication. The research capacity building and research management training course materials will be published in the research center’s web pages. At the 2 phase of Development component US Universities’ research capacity strengthening experience in the format of study tour will be adopted, certified workshop for social science professors will be conducted and research network will be established.

Quality assurance component focuses on the monitoring and evaluation of the quality performance of all project activities. External Expert Team will be subcontracted for course expertise and financial audit. Trained professors will conduct internal evaluation of research papers evaluation of university professors. An Internal Evaluation Board (IEB) will be set up to monitor the implementation of all project tasks at each stage according to the developed a Quality Assurance (QA) Plan. IEB will manage all activities related to the project quality assurance and evaluation. We would like to promote project products by continuous updating of online information; organising and conducting trainings for 90 university professors as a snowball effect dissemination and meetings; regular press releases; publication of articles in magazines and conference proceedings; publication of print materials; delivering presentations on the Project activities at universities; designing and publishing booklets, newsletters etc.

Ala-Too International University is also interested in establishment of US partner university micro-campus.

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